"vuoi diventare regista? diventalo, sii regista da ora. devi crederci con il cuore. io credo in te, ani." -- Giulio Antonio Randon.

Questa pagina raccoglie le mie foto scattate a "casa" e la dedico a te. Non sarei qui a vivere il mio sogno se non ti avessi mai conosciuto. 

.. Continuerò a ricordarti con la sigaretta in bocca, i capelli alla James Dean e il tuo sorriso d'amore fraterno. Cosi ti voglio ricordare, per sempre. 

i was driving down this very narrow street near Ravello and for a while i saw nobody around, until i came across this young kid drinking from that little, classic fountain

Ravello, Italia

July 22, 2015

a wonderful and bright girl i had the pleasure to spend an afternoon with in Napoli:

Napoli, Italia

July 21, 2015

it was late at night and the only light we saw, after miles on little roads and water all around us, was an old, gritty fun fair.

Cavallino, Italia

July 6, 2015

on the making of Zebra's "Blanco" music video:

Cittadella, Italia

July 5, 2015

summer days in Italy:

human condition is feeling behind bars even though these are made of light.

Treviso, Italia

June 29, 2015

i'm confused, where shall i go?

Treviso, Italia

June 28, 2015

sunday morning.

Treviso, Italia

June 28, 2015

consumerism at its finest.

Treviso, Italia 

June 25, 2015

years like this, huge space never used, just another act of violence against nature.

Treviso, Italia

25 June, 2015

that tree is me, a stray dog, roving from place to place, always among aliens made of cement.

Treviso, Italia

23 June, 2015

we use to conceive death as an animal condition, yet be aware death could be hiding herself behind the tree of your neighbor's garden.

Treviso, Italia

June 22, 2015

light is life, light is also what makes a work of architecture even more complicated and fascinating.

London, England

June 16, 2015

outside the pealing of the bells, inside a used spoon and her warm words all while the sunset was trying to get through the street hanging off the window.

Treviso, Italia

June 5, 2015

Treviso, Italia

June 4, 2015

minimalism and fingernails.

Treviso, Italia

June 3, 2015

venice is paradise.

Venezia, Italia

June 1, 2015

treviso bus station: a place deprived of its history. 

where am i?

Treviso, Italia

May 30, 2015 

i was leaning over the balcony and accidentally overheard this man struggling on the phone undecided if what he wanted was pasta al pomodoro or al pesto. 

Treviso, Italia

May 29, 2015

i was taking the ferry home and there i saw this young couple, cuddling and enjoying the moment as if nobody was around. 

I spent several minutes observing them, 

their love was tangible. 

Venezia, Italia

it was my first roll of film, i wanted to dedicate the photograph to my dad, who inspires me every day. 

my hands were shacking, my heart was beating fast.

Treviso, Italia

June 14, 2014

it was late at night, we could hear the drops of water falling off the glass doors at the entrance of the building.

Treviso, Italia

January 7, 2015

the elevator was tight, the smoke was visible, our eyes were crying

Treviso, Italia

January 7, 2015

domenica mattina, le campane rintoccano, i buoni cristiani si recano in chiesa e la piccola cittadina sprofonda in un inquietante boato di silenzio.

Treviso, Italia

January 5, 2015

i was impressed by how everything in Marghera is dead, without and against life. dead.

Marghera, Italia

January 4, 2015

i was walking in Burano when i saw a little kid playing soccer, i got close to him and asked what his dream was. he replied "be a great fisherman, just like my dad!"

Burano, Italia

June 20, 2014

it was the last cigarette before celebrating christmas. 

Treviso, Italia

December 24, 2014

this is both my first film and medium format picture.

Treviso, Italia

June 11, 2014

we were waiting dad to finish working to then all go outside and play. it was a very sunny day of summer.

Treviso, Italia

August 10, 2014

since i was a kid this old barbershop always fascinated me, the history is present inside it.

Treviso, Italia

June 12, 2014

he is not, but looks very similar, yes.

Treviso, Italia

June 10, 2012

the light was just falling on her, leaving all the rest in the darkness.

Treviso, Italia

January 24, 2013

at the time i captioned this 'inglorious basterds'. 

hint, look who's at the back.

Treviso, Italia

January 24, 2013

i captured this while i was walking through the streets of Valencia and I named it 'Viejo Amor' (Old Love) as in the past an old tool would have been fixed, not thrown away. 

Valencia, España

November 20, 2012

this was part of my very first album of pictures, it seems yesterday, but it's far back in my life, when i was still together with my best friend Giulio and we both had no idea of what our future might have even looked like. 

Paris, France

March 11, 2011

it was Lavazza. 

Treviso, Italia

June 15, 2013

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